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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our partners are paid through Paypal or a UK bank account, no exceptions. So if you don’t have an account at Paypal yet or a UK bank account, and want to be part of our Partnership Program, you can easily create an account in 5 seconds at

Well, on Affiliate Program you get paid every single time a specific customer pays for use of our software. If you were able to sign up ONE customer and that customer pays £100 every month to, you’ll get £20 every month as well. So, it’s literally 20% of everything that the people that signed up through you (as an affiliate) pay to, forever. That’s why we have the best Affiliate Program in the UK.

Yes, you can earn 5% of everything your Affiliate sells for So, if you referred a Design Company that sells £1000 per month, they’ll get £200 per month (20%) and you’ll get £50 per month (5%). Please talk to your affiliate manager if you’re interested in this separated segment of our Affiliate Program.

You’ll have your own Affiliate Manager to help you with that. You can work on content, Social Media, Email campaigns, Advertising, Videos, etc. Everything you do to promote your own business you can do to promote, the only difference is that you didn’t have to create anything.

Yes, we have to be careful if we want to build value. You can check the rules inside the Affiliate Dashboard right after signing up.

You have an Affiliate Manager to always be there for you. You can schedule a call or communicate via email.

Yes, you can! We won’t exclude anyone. As long as you have the desire to work from home, with a computer and refer new people to use we’ll be more than happy to have you on board.